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Break a spoke…

Well anyone who rides will know how awesome the roads are at the minute. Oh wait, two broken spokes and a flat spot say otherwise. This is a perilous time for small wheeled riders and all I can say is it’s lucky I learnt to do wheelies as a kid as this has saved me from several bum about face incidents recently. The rear wheel takes the brunt of the leading edge of the hole, but popping the front wheel over the pot hole could save your skin, especially if you’re going clipless as I do. So, to the broken spokes. One popped on Old Kent Road, crusing along and ‘dink dink dink’ it was flapping about like a distressed bird. Second one went as I was popping on a particularly tight bead on a new set of tyres (more on that shortly). Getting spokes for the Kinetix Pro wheelset proved harder than I thought. Just for the record, they’re 157mm. Evans (London Bridge), can cut and thread spokes for £1 each. So, I splashed out and bought 2. Since the roads aren’t getting much better, I’ll be going back to stock up…..


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